Business Intelligence Assessment

Does Business Intelligence (BI) make sense for your business? Complete this short assessment to see if BI is something your company should pursue.  If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help make technology work for you.

TRC Technology Assessment
Do you currently have a database expert or Data Analyst on staff?
If No, Do you feel that your company could benefit from “a database expert or analyst”?
Are you currently using Office 365?
Are you generating reports as PDFs and publishing them?
Does your company primarily use Excel for reporting?
Do you have data in multiple places that could be centralized?
Are you able to combine data automatically from your primary business system (ERP, MRP, CRM, Accounting, etc.) and other secondary systems that give your company a competitive advantage?
Do you have a reporting process that requires a lot of manual intervention that could be automated and/or streamlined? (Y/N)
Do you sense that there is actionable information buried in your data that will help your company make more informed decisions?
Have you considered using a BI solution?