Client Problem / Challenge

Our client recognized the importance of backups and had already implemented a traditional backup system with backup data stored on a local server. This configuration would restore corrupt or deleted files. But they realized the traditional configuration would not protect them from ransomware.

A ransomware attack can not only encrypt all the company’s critical live data, but it can also encrypt backup data stored on disk and data stored on tape. This will render the backups useless and result in a loss of company data.

The original backup solution was designed to restore files that were accidentally deleted or became corrupted. But it was designed assuming backup data was safe from attack. It didn’t account for ransomware’s ability to destroy backup data. To be better protected from ransomware attacks they knew they needed to redesign their backup infrastructure.


TRC Group helped the client implement a system to protect its backup data and store it both onsite and in the cloud. By using Veeam backup software and implementing immutable storage for their onsite system they are keeping their backup data safe from ransomware attacks. Then by using Wasabi cloud storage and configuring for immutable storage they are also protected from any potential physical damage or loss with their onsite backup data.

With Veeam immutable storage, backup data is stored on disk for a specified period. It cannot be deleted or modified, even by an administrator. This keeps it safe from almost any attack. By having another immutable copy in the cloud the data is still available in case the onsite storage is destroyed by fire, theft, or another physical disaster.


Now that the migration to immutable storage is complete the customer is no longer concerned with losing backup data to ransomware. Backups are running smoothly and offsite storage is quick and easy to manage.

If you’re interested in learning more about protecting yourself from Ransomware, contact us, we’re here to help!