Hybrid workers are increasingly on the move. Flexible calling solutions help boost productivity on any device from PCs to mobile phones. Office 365 Teams Phone helps people work together directly and access chats, team channels, and shared content.

Benefits of implementing Teams Phone System:

Teams Phone gives you all the features of an enterprise phone system, so you can replace your current system and save money.

Less Cost, More Features
Switching from a landline phone system to VoIP means considerable cost savings on hardware, maintenance, and monthly phone bills. So, companies can actually save money while getting more phone features.

Easier Team Communication and Collaboration
Whether people work together in the same space, the same town or various countries worldwide, collaboration is crucial. This is especially important for multi-disciplinary projects. Microsoft Teams Phone makes teamwork easy by providing a wide range of collaboration tools that your employees can use across devices. Because of the integration of this VoIP phone system with the features of Microsoft Teams, it’s easier for your employees to do things like turn a one-on-one call into a group call or move from voice to video with screensharing. Using Teams means you aren’t limited to voice calls in one app and video in a completely different one, everything can be done within Teams seamlessly.

Flexibility and Accessibility
Depending on the type of tasks employees perform, they might not always need to bring a laptop or tablet with them. However, you might still need to contact them for collaboration or advice. Knowing they can connect easily via phone increases the flexibility and accessibility for your company. It also improves the ability to respond promptly to urgent matters.

Zoom and several other meetings platforms offer fantastic opportunities for people to collaborate effectively. However, constantly switching between apps and maintaining additional subscriptions adds up in time and money. Forbes estimates that this costs companies 32 days of wasted work hours each year. Consequently, sticking to apps within the Microsoft ecosystem you already use encourages efficiency and productivity.

Answer Phones on Multiple Devices From Anywhere
Remote teams can easily have full access to the company phone system, meaning you don’t have to come up with any workarounds or have a different calling experience between home and office for hybrid work environments.
Besides having your business lines and extensions answered from anywhere, users can also choose multiple devices for handling calls, including:

  • Computer
  • Mobile device
  • Teams enabled desk phones
  • Teams enabled conference room devices

Security and Reliability
Microsoft 365 Business Voice is designed with the highest industry standards for security and reliability. The system is custom built to ensure your calls and shared data are fully protected.

Microsoft Cohesiveness
Over the past few months, Microsoft heavily marketed the transferability of the Cloud PC. Employees could leave the office, return home and pick up where they left off before. Microsoft Teams now offers a similar ability to move across devices with ease. Your workers only need to open the Microsoft Teams app on the next device and transfer the call there to continue.

Spam Call Protection
Microsoft Teams Phone now includes a feature that helps you better identify spam, so you can ignore the call and continue working on value-adding activities. It also frees the lines for customers and partners to call in.

Join Meetings Hands-Free While Driving
Most busy managers have had to conduct a meeting while driving between locations. Microsoft Teams Phone now features compatibility with Apple CarPlay. This makes it easy for workers to use the built-in controls in their vehicles to join meetings during their commutes safely.

Call Record and Transcription
One hands-off feature that deserves separate recognition is the capability to record and transcribe one-on-one calls.

Simplified communication and collaboration
No matter where you and your team are, you’re connected with the only communications solution native to Teams.

Easy to Use Administration
Help administrators focus on keeping your organization connected with a simple-to-manage experience.

Mobile-first experiences
Empower employees in remote, in-office, or hybrid work environments with the flexibility of Teams Phone.

If you are already using Office 365, you have a full featured phone system included. If you are looking to increase collaboration, productivity and communication, consider implementing Office 365 with Teams Phone. Contact us with any questions or for more information. We’re here to help!